Global Communication Challenges. Post-Crises Concept of Sociability.

The presentation stresses epistemological arguments to value the power of observation, both the intuitive one and the one at logical level: communication, theoretically is not to describe just as a term of action, could also be a metaphor of observation in order not just to achieve congruence, but also to get aware of difference as a constructive part in appropriation of reality and social relevance.

The paradigm of observation stresses the need of contextualizing the metaphors of its (the observation’s) description: communication, organization, society, culture. No one of those terms can be used not getting aware of the others. Each one of them firms as the meta-description of the other.

The presentation also stresses the critical observation of what we describe as a crisis: Crisis is not a subject existing as a phenomenon by itself. It rather is – phenomenologically theorized – the way as we observe (metaphorize) the challenge of (natural, social, cultural, symbolic) environmental change.

That determination, at the good end learning from crises, could be the theoretical perspective of the value of change as a habit of emancipation – in everyday life, in politics, in economy, in education of knowledge.


17. November 2022, ICCMS