Curriculum Vitae

THOMAS A. BAUER, Dr. phil. Dipl.theol.

O. Univ. Professor, emeritus for  Audiovisual Journalism, Communication and Media, Media Literacy and Media Culture at the DEPARTMENT OF COMMUNICATION / UNIVERSITY OF VIENNA, AT


Honorary member of the Board of Publishers of OKTO COMMUNITY TV VIENNA


Born 1945 Germany, Austrian citizen, married 1974, 2 children

Living in Vienna, Austria since 1992


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Education / Studies:

1964 – 1971: Studies of Philosophy,  RC Theology, Pedagogy at Universities of Eichstätt and Paderborn, DE

1971: Dipl. Theol. Diploma in Philosophy / Theology (University Eichstätt, DE)

1971 – 1973: Studies  of Communication, Media and Cultural and Social Studies at University of Salzburg, AT

1973: PHD / Dr. phil. in Communication Studies 1973  (University Salzburg, AT). Doctoral Thesis in Communication Theory: “The Significance of the Dogma in the Communication- and Organization System in Catholic Church”

1973 – 1976: Studies of Communication and Media Management, Focus: Consultancy, Communication Training and Group Dynamic    and Communication and Media Education (IKM Graz, AT, Zürich,   CH)

1976: Diploma of Communication Management Consultancy, (Graz, Zürich 1976)

Professional Career:

1972 – 1974: University Assistant at the Department of Political Sciences at University of Salzburg

1972 – 1974: Research Assistant at the International Research Centre at University of Salzburg, especially for Media Studies and Media Analysis (Prof. Günter Kieslich, Prof. Michael Schmolke)

1974-1975: University Assistant at Institute for Political Science / University Salzburg (Prof. Klaus Faupel)

1974 – 1978: Professor for Political Science, Political Education and Social Development at Applied University for Education and Pedagogy in Graz, AT

1974 – 1992: Academic Lecturer at

  • University of Graz: for Communication Management,
  • University of Vienna: for Media Literacy Studies
  • University of Klagenfurt: for Educational Media Technology,
  • University of Salzburg: for Media Culture and Media- and Communication Theory

1976 – 1984: Research Assistant and Trainer at the Institute  of Communication Science at  the Department of Culture at Styrian Province Government

1984 – 1992: Head of the Institute of Communication Science at the Department of Culture at Styrian Government: professional practice and experience in business and organization consultancy, in professional  communication training (communication management, media management, public relations), and in communication skills  training for managers, executive officers in private companies and /or public organizations, for teachers, military officers, journalists, media officers, politicians

1980: Academic habilitation (post-doctoral lecture qualification) at the University of Salzburg for: Communication Science with specification on Media Education and Media Culture with a 3 volume publication in Media Literacy Studies (Media Education in Theory and Practice)

9/1992 – 9/ 2013: by appointment of the Minister of Science as chair-holding full University Professor for Audio-visual Media /Media Culture and Media Education at the Department of Communication of the University of Vienna, AT

1994: Founding and establishing the University TV program “utv” and University Radio “u-ton”), department-program: “Inhouse Report”, now running as “Campus Radio”

1995 – 1999: Head of the Department of Communication at University of Vienna (ca. 6.000 students, ca. 20 full-time-, ca. 100 part-time employees)

1993 – 1996: member of the public Commission of Regional Radio Authority

1994 – 2002: Editor and Head of University TV “utv” and Uni-Radio “u-ton” in cooperation with ORF, ATV, public (ORF) and commercial TV and radio organizations (Wien1, ATV)

1996: Co- founder of Radio 1476, a transnational students ORF radio-program covering the Balkan countries (Slovenia, Bosnia-Herzegowina, Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Romania and Austria, has changed in 2004 to “Radio Campus”, later operating as “Danube Radio”

Since September 2013 Professor emeritus at Faculty of Social Sciences, Department of Communication at University of Vienna

2018: Receiving the title of Honorary Doctor of the AJC (Academy of Journalism); Hanoi, VN

Currently in function acting as:

President, Austrian American Film Association (AAFA) since 1999 continuing: film research, film-conferences, film-publications

President, Österr. Gesellschaft für Bildung und Kommunikation (OeGBK), since 2005 continuing: European Projects in media education and educational media, media professional training and education, conferences, European projects (ECN, Socrates, Grundtvig, Leonardo, Erasmus, Erasmus plus)

President, European Society of Education and Communication (ESEC) since 2006 continuing: Media Literacy Studies, international networking for conferences, research- and educational projects, publication

Head of Jury Erasmus EuroMedia Awards, since 2006 continuing: awarding educational media on European topics, annual Awardin cooperation with GPI (Society for Information and Pedagogy), Vienna and Berlin

Member of International Jury of Comenius EduMedia Award: annual award of educational media (school- and non school education) in cooperation with GPI Berlin, since 2001

Head of scientific board of Eco-C. – European Communication, Certification Program: developing and supervising training programs for communication and (social) media in international cooperation with educational institutions in Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Bulgaria, Tunisia, Turkey, UAE, Qatar) in context of professional education programs,  since 2005

Head-Publisher of OKTO, Vienna Community TV, since 2004 -2018, now Honorary President

Senior Consultant at ipcenter, focus China and Far East Asia, an international education and research company, Austria-Hungary-Germany

Teaching and research activities as of now:

Academic Lecturer (Research Seminar Program), Master Thesis and PHD Supervisor at Department of Communication, University of Vienna, AT, continuing the teaching and supervising activities,

Lecturer for Media in Context of Arts for KHP (Katholisch-Pädagogische Hochschule Wien) since 2015

PSU (PennState University, USA) Summer Course Program in Vienna, since 2012

Visiting Professor at USTP; University of Social Sciences and Technology, Southern Philippines Mindanao

Member of Interdisciplinary Research Platform Univie “Mediatized Lifeworlds – YouthMediaLife” 2018 – 2021

Scientific Coordinator of “MedLit”
Project: Media Literacy as a Competence of Social Change: an EU-supported Partnership Project: University of Vienna, AT, University, Friedrichshafen, DE, Open University, Heerlen, NL, Putra,University Kuala Lumpur, MY, UMK University Kelantan, MY, CU Chulalongkorn University Bangkok, TH, SWU Srinakharinwirot University Bangkok,TH, AJC Academy of Journalism Hanoi, VN, USSH, University of Social Science and Humanities Ho Chi Minh City, VN

Former Activities:   

Visiting Professorships, occasionally (1995 – 2018) at:

  • Belgrade Singidunum University, SRB
  • Univerza v Maribor, SLO
  • IU: Istanbul Üniveristesi, TR
  • FU: Fudan University Shanghai, CN
  • BFSU: University Beijing, CN
  • PUC: Pontificia Universidade Católica São Paulo, BR
  • CUNY: City University New York, USA
  • SJU: St. John’s University New York, US
  • UMK: University Malay Kelantan Kota Bharu
  • AJC: Academy of Journalism and Communication Hanoi, VN
  • UP: University of Prishtina, RKS
  • JUW: Jianghan University Wuhan, CN
  • USTP: University of Social Sciences and Technology of the Southern Philippines, Cagayan de Oro

Guest Lecturer occasionally (1995 – 2020) at:

  • SJU: St. John’s University Bangkok, TH
  • WBU: World Buddhism University Bangkok, TH
  • SWU: Srinakharinwirot University Bangkok, TH
  • CU: Chulalongkorn University Bangkok, TH
  • PUC: Pontificia Universidade Católica São Paulo, BR
  • UERJ: Universidade Estadual Rio de Janeiro, BR
  • UniBahia: University of Bahia, Salvador de Bahia, BR
  • Finis Terrae Universidad Santiago de Chile, CHL
  • UBA: University of Buenos Aires, ARG
  • Pontif. Universidad Catolica Argentina Buenos Aires, ARG
  • UNAM Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, Mexico City, MEX
  • AUC American University Cairo, EG
  • University of Sarajevo, BiH
  • UP University of Prishtina, RKS
  • Universitá Santa Croce Roma, IT
  • PUG: Pontificia Universitá Gregoriana, Roma, IT
  • Universitá La Sapienza, Roma, IT
  • Universitá degli Studi di Siena, IT
  • National and Capodistrian University of Athens, GR
  • UD: University of Dubrovnik, CRO
  • University of Zadar, CRO
  • University of Zagreb, CRO
  • University of Ljubljana, SLO
  • University of Novisad, SRB
  • Cyprus University of Technology, Lemesos, CY
  • St. Klement Ohridski University, Sofia  BG
  • University of Sibiu, RO
  • National I.I. Metschnikow University, Odessa, UKR
  • University of Friedrichshafen, DE
  • Karlstad University,  DE
  • Middlesex University London, UK
  • UMA: University of Malaga, ES
  • UJ Uniwersytet Jagiellonski Krakau, PN
  • Bilgi University Istanbul, TR
  • Kadirhas Üniversitesi, TR
  • Anadolu Üniversitesi Eskeshehir, TR 
  • UI, Universitas Indonesia Jakarta, IND
  • UP, University of the Philippines, Manila,-Diliman, PH,
  • USTS / USTP University of Science and Technology of Southern Philippines, Cagayan de Oro, PH
  • MSU-IIT Mindanao State University-Iligan Institute of Technology, Iligan City, Philippines
  • Putra University Kuala Lumpur, MY
  • UKM University Kebangsaan Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, MY
  • Université de St. Denis, La Reunion, FR
  • Charles University Praha, CZ
  • South West Texas University San Marcos, USA
  • University of New Orleans, Lousiana, USA
  • SJU, St. John’s University New York, USA
  • AJC Academy of Journalism and Communication Hanoi, VN
  • USSH University of Social Sciences and Humanities in Ho Chi Minh City, VN
  • AUB American University Beirut, LBN
  • Zayed University Dubai / Abu Dhabi, AE
  • Atma Jaya University, Jakarta, IND


Scientific Coordinator of the EU co-funded project MedLiT:Media  Literacy as a Competence Program for Social Change. 2015 – 2018 Capacity Building for Media Literacy Development, cooperated with Putra Universiti and UMK in Malaysia, Chulalongkorn and Srinakarinwirot Universities in Bangkok, Thailand,  and AJC Academy of Journalism, Hanoi and UHSS, Ho             Chi Minh University, Vietnam

Reviewer / Member of Board of Editors for scientific journals:

IJoC (International Journal of Communication) USC Annenberg Press, Southern California, USA,

WMScI 2017, 2018 (World Multiconference on Systemics, Cybernetics and Informatics) Wintergarden, Florida, USA

JSSE (Journal of Social Science Education, Bielefeld,Germany)

CISC (Centro Interdisciplinar de Semiótica da Cultura e da Mídia, São Paulo, Brazil,

Journal of PR Research Middle East, Cairo, Egypt


DGPuK: Deutsche Gesellschaft für Publizistik- und Kommunikationswissenschaft, DE, AT, CH

IAMCR: International Association for Media and Communication Research, Section Journalism Education

ESEC: European Society for Education and Communication, EU

GPI: Gesellschaft für Pädagogik und Information, DE

IDM: Institut für den Donauraum und Mittel-Europa, AT

IPI: International Press Institute

ÖGK: Österreichische Gesellschaft für Publizistik- und Kommunikationswissenschaft, AT

SEEMO: South East European Media Organization

Wiener Achse, dieKulturvermittlung (mediation of culture and arts),Vienna, AT

Österreichische Gesellschaft für Gesundheitskommunikation

Coordinator of Inter-University and Joint Course Programs:

multi-semester continuing courses, thematically focused, research-practice integrated, international- academically connected and cooperated (students – and lecturer exchange) with relevant organizations courses:

University TV and Radio (Inhouse Report) guiding students for designing, producing, and broadcasting TV and Radio program in part-time cooperation with ORF and ATV-Wien1 (1996 – 2000), from 2000 on as intra-university program

The World of Voice: Training Radio Journalism in cooperation with ORF / Blue Danube Radio (1998 / 1999):

Humanities I (AIDS Advertisements) and Humanities II (Childhood and Media) in cooperation with Universitá di Siena and Texas State University, (1996 – 1997)

Course “Media Literacy – Radio Culture and Radio Practice“, cooperating with Faculty of Theology, University of Vienna (1999-2000)

Course Program “Magazin Journalismus” in cooperation with the news magazine “profil” Vienna (1995 – 1998)

Course Program International Organizational Communication in cooperation with Universitá degli Studi di Siena, Italy, University of Colorado and Colorado Springs, Denver USA (2002– 2003)

Head Coordinator for “Media and Communication Management”, Joint teaching Department of Communication / Univie with School of Journalism, Fudan University Shanghai, CH, concept, students exchange program realized together with University of Salzburg (2009 – 2012)

Head Coordinator of  EU / TEMPUS-Program “JETiC” (Journalism Education and Training in Croatia) – Democratic Journalism. A Joint teaching program in Democratic Journalism with Uni Zagreb,  Dubrovnik, Croatia, with partner universities of Austria, Croatia and Slovenia (2004 – 2007)

Editor in Chief of deScripto, a quarterly review of media in the South East European countries in cooperation with IPI/SEEMO South East Media Organization, founded 2004 (2007-2017)

Cross Media Journalism: Partner in EU TEMPUS Project 2013 -2016. Head coordinator: University of Passau, Partner countries: Austria, Germany, Romania, Moldavia, Ukraine

Intercultural Communication: co-operated with CUNY,  College  for Professional Studies, City University of New York, (1995)

Migration / Intercultural Communication: co-operated with PUC University of São Paulo, Brasil, University of Dubrovnik, Croatia,  IOM (International Migration Organization)             (1995 – 1997)

Minorities – lost in media: co-operated with  Faculdade de Filosofia e Comunicação PUC São Paulo, Brasil, (1996-1997)

Interreligious Dialogue in Media: co-operated with World Buddhism University Bangkok, ARS (Asian Research Center for Religion and Social Communication), Universitá Gregoriana Rome, Italy (1997 – 1999)

Future Studies: In context of EU / SOCRATES Program:

ECN: European Communication Network with Universities of Austria, Denmark, Sweden, Poland, UK, Italy, Spain, Karlstad, SE, 1997 – 2000, with Faculty of Heritage and Creative Technology, UMK, Malaysia 2011/2012

European Studies: EU Identity: cooperated with University in Aarhus, DK Middlesex London, UK, Universitá degli Studi di Siena,  IT,  2010 

Public Relations Studies: cooperated with South West  State University San Antonio and City University of New York, USA, 2003 – 2004 / 2007 – 2009

Environment Communication Studies: cooperated with University of Istanbul, TR, University of Athens, GR, PID / City of Vienna, AT, 2005 – 2006, 2008 – 2009

Health  Communication Studies: cooperated with Public Administration of Vienna (Magistrat Wien), Hospital Association Vienna (Public Health Management KRV), 2007 – 2009

Public Diplomacy and Community Media: cooperated with Public Administration Vienna (PID), 2008 – 2010, including a conference in Istanbul, cooperated with Kadirhas University and SEEMO, SouthEastEuropean Media Organization 2010

Atelier Africa: cooperated with Universities of Addis  Abbeba, Somalia and Kampala, Uganda)

Poverty:  Discourse in Media, co-operated with ESI (European Stability Initiative), 2010 – 2012:

Public Value Media Literacy: cooperated with ORF (Austrian Radio and TV Corporation, FMK Sarajevo, Republic of Serbia, 2009)

Media Literacy Studies, various courses cooperated with: FMK, Faculty of Media and Communication, Singidunum University Belgrade, SRB: 2010

Cross- Media Journalism, cooperated in Context of EU TEMPUS project, coordinated by University of Passau, Germany, with partner- universities in Moldavia, Romania, Ukraine, 2013 – 2014

Knowledge Society:  Media Education and Educational Media, cooperated with IBM (Institut für Bildung und Medien, GPI Berlin, Germany) 2010 – 2012

Europe`s Media Landscape Pennstate University (Philadelphia, USA) Summer School in Vienna: Understanding Europe 2014 -2019

Current Communication Theories: 2013 – continuing: annually intensive Program on “Current Issues in International Communication and Media Studies” for AJC (Academy of Journalism and Communication), Hanoi Vietnam for  teachers, lecturers, PHD students, media experts in Vienna

Alternative Media: 2015 /2017: OKTO goes Belgrade / Sarajevo: Community Media

MedLit: Media Literacy as a Media Competence Program for Social Change (2015 – 2018)an EU-supported media educational project (focus Curricula Development), already mentioned 

Conferences and Summer Schools:

Organizing international conferences for experts academic and out-of-university experts, also conducting international Summer Schools for students from different European and non-European countries: countries  for scientists, experts in media and communication practice, experts from educational institutions / Summer Schools for internationally selected students (Master -, PHD level)

1998, Media Culture and Diversity Management: Joint Conference, in cooperation with University of Athens , in Athens

1999: Conceptual Design and Realization of  EU- Conference „Europa im Gespräch“ in cooperation with mit EUROMEDIA, Vienna 24. – 26. 6.99

2000: Media Professionalism in Transition, in context of EU- SOCRATES ECN project at Middlesex University with academic experts from Asia, Europe, and South America, in London

2000: Conceptional Design and Realization oft he International Conferenceund „Innovation and Change – Developing Competences for the Media and Communication Professions, in Cooperation with ECN and University of Malaga,  in Malaga / Spain , 4.-6.5.2000

2000: Conceptional Design and Realization of the Conference Medien Viennale: „Die Medien im interreligiösen Dialog“ in cooperation with IPI (International Press Institute) and  PID Press Office oft he City of Vienna, Nov. 2000

2002:  Future Studies Theories and Methods, with University of Middlesex, London, UK, Arhus, DK, Krakow, PL, Malaga, ES at Universidad de Malaga, Spain

2002: OSCE workshop: Freedom of Expression and New Technologies, Vienna Conference

2003: Kirche und Massenmedien in Österreich (Church and Mass Communication in Austria) Conference in cooperation with educational centre of the RC Diocese Vienna, Austria, in Vienna

2005 – 2007: Media Thursday: Media for Demoracy. A monthly open symposium for journalists and media experts in  Zagreb, realized in context  of an EU cofounded project “JETiC”, in Zagreb and Opatija

2008: Summer School together with Istanbul University, Istanbul, TR: Social- and Media Chance, in Istanbul

2010: Summer School together with Istanbul University in Istanbul, TR: Media: Challenge fod Society in Change, in Istanbul

2010: Istanbul Media Days: Conference together with Bilgi University Istanbul, TR: Communicating Demorcacy – Democratizing Communication. In Istanbul, Turkey

2011: Istanbul Media Days, Intern. Conference together with Kadirhas University Istanbul, TR: Media in Crises, Crises in Media, in Istanbul

2011: PHD – Summer School at University of Vienna “Knowledge- Media-Society” with UI Üniversitesi Istanbul, PUC São Paulo, UP Prishtina, Universität Friedrichshafen, Finis Terrae Santiago de Chile., Santa Croce Roma, Fudan Shanghai,  St. John’s, New York, UKM Kebangsaan Kuala Lumpur in Vienna

2013: Hanoi Media Days: Journalism and Media Systems in Transition. Conference in 3 locations in VNM, in Hanoi

2014: Istanbul Media Days at Istanbul University, TR:  Conference together with Istanbul University: Media Literacy and Public Value, in Prishtina, Kosovo    

2014: Prishtina, Kosovo: International Summer School Uni Prishtina: Social Change – Media Change, in Prishtina        

2015: Hanoi Media Days “Journalism and War. Experiences, Practice and Ideas for Peace”, AJC Hanoi April 22 – April 29 2015   Hanoi, Vietnam, in Hanoi

2016: Hanoi Media Days Vienna: Get on Board: Structural Changes in Journalism. Thematic Conference in partnership with AJC Hanoi, VN in Hanoi, Vietnam

Selected Key Notes and Presentations since 2015

2015: Bangkok, National Broadcasting and Telecommunication Council Thailand: 26. 11. 15: Media and Information Literacy, in Bangkok, Thailand

2015: Wien: EURES-T Pannonia Congress Wien: Wirtschaften unter sich verändernden Bedingungen: Globalisierung und Mediengesellschaft. (30.11.2015), in Vienna, Austria2016: IPAG Iligan City, Pilippines: Media Ethics. Guest lecture (31.3.2106) in Iligan, Philippines

2016: MUST, Cagayan de Oro, Philippines: Managing Media Culture. Guest Lecture in Cagayan de Oro, Philippines

2016: Ministry of Technology, Tunis: Social Media Driving Licence. Project Presentation. (1.7. 2016) in Tunis, Tunisia

2016: MedLit Worskshop Bangkok, Chulalongkorn University: Media Ethics. Guest Lecture (26.9.2016) in Bangkok, Thailand

2016: UP University of the Philippines, Manila: Guest Lecture. Media Education – Concepts and Misconceptions. (20.10. 2016) in Quezon City – Greater Manila, Philippines

2016: Understanding European Media Landscape. At AJC (Nov. 2016) in Hanoi, Vietnam

2016: Security Conference, Institute for Politics and Communication: Turkey and the Crises of Transition. Challenges and Changes of Media. Istanbul, Turkey,  (1.11.2016)

2016: Universitas Indonesia, Jakarta. Guest Lecture: Media Literacy and Social Change.  (10.11.2016) in Jakarta, Indonesia

2016: in frame of MedLit: Workshop Kuala Lumpur: presentation: Media Literacy Studies. (24.11.2016) in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

2017: Ministry of Education, Tunisia: Social Media Literacy. Presentation. (14.1.2017) in Tunis, Tunisia

2017:  Emancipative Culture and Media Usage. Lecture at Faculdade Caspar Libero, São Paulo, Brasil (12.5.2017)

2017: Institut für Weiterbildung Berlin: Presentation. 3rd Sector Education. Dual Education System in Austria. In Berlin, Germany (20.1.2017)

2017: Radio Afrika / Okto Vienna. Presentation: Media and Civil Society (26.1. 2017) in Vienna, Austria

2017: in frame of MedLit Meting AJC Hanoi. Delphi Study Logics (27.2. – 2.3. 2017)

2017: in frame of MedLit Meeting Kota Bharu, Malaysia, (6.4. – 11.4. 2017) Understanding Social Change

2017: Olive- Project for Migrants: Thinking Communication theoretically. (20.4. and 18.11. 2017), Univie

2017: Prishtina Media Days: The Austrian Media System – Ideas and Reality. (3. – 5. 5. 2017) in Prishtina, Kosovo

2017: Comenius Media Award Berlin: Presentation: Media Responsibility for Social Change (22.6. 2017) in Berlin, Germany

2017: Penstate University Summer Term: Research Seminar: Austria in Action, (10 – 30 Juni 2017), in Vienna, Austria

2017: Summer School Seminar Wuhan, China. Lectures on Austrian and European Media Systems, (4. – 15. 9. 2017) in Wuhan, China

2017: Meet your Neighbour. EU Conference Portoroz, Slovenia. Presentation: Community Media in Austria. (20. – 22. 9.2017)

2017: in frame of MedLit Meeting Bangkok: Presentation: Concepts of Social Change. In Bangkok, Thailand. (1. – 5. 9. 2017)

2017: Understandig Alternative Media: University of Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegowina

2017: St. John’s University New York, USA, Guest Lecture / Public Lecture: Theorizing Communication. (6. – 11. 11 2017)

2017: Developments in Media Landscape in Vietnam. Presentation to Austria – Vietnam Society, Vienna,  Austria, (23. 11.2017)

2017. International Migration Day, OSCE International Conference “Perception is not Reality. Towards a new narrative of migration” at Vienna-Hofburg,  Vienna, Austria, Presentation:  “Understanding Social Communication. The Modes of Constructing Reality” (18.12. 2017)

2018: What means Social Change? MedLit- Conference at Putra University Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, (24. April 2018)

2018: The Societal Mission of Communication Science. AJC Hanoi, Vietnam (Nov. 2018)

2020: How to Think Communication Scientifically. Epistemological Conditions of Theorizing Communication. Jakarta Atma Jaia University International Seminar., Jakarta, Indonesia, (15.10.2020)

2021: Criticism and Art Philosophy. MSU IIT, Mindanao State University – Iligan Institute of Technology – IPAG Congress,  Iligan City, Philippines, (Jan. 2021)

2021: The Depth Sphere of Sociability and the Surface Area of Society. Commenting and Contextualizing Flusser’s Epistemological Approach to Understand Society in Frames of Post-History. CISC / FAAB Flusser Congress, São Paulo, Brazil (Aug. 2021)

2021: Digitalization in Education. Challenges and Chances. Islam University, Islamabad, Pakistan, Congress on Universities in Transition. (Nov. 2021)

2022: Media and Sustainability. Atma Jaya University. Congress Indonesian Journalism Organization, (27.04.2022)

2022: Horizons of Hope. Post-Crises Concepts of Sociability. SEAMSA Kuala Lumpur, (9.6.2022)

2022: The Power of Observation. Rethinking the Concepts of Communication and Media. University of Sarajevo, Mass Media Science Congress. (25.6.2022)

2022: The Relevance of Media in Construction of Globalized World Concepts. CLESS Multimedia University Kuala ;Lumpur Interantional Congrerss on Communication , Langugae, Education and Social Sciences, (25.7.2022)

Guest Lectures

Universidad Nacional de Mexico, Mexico City, MEX (12/1994)

PUC, Pontificia Universidade Católica São Paulo, Brasil (1997, 2004, 2012)

UERJ, Universidade do Estado do Rio de Janeiro (1998)

UNIBAHIA, Universidade de Bahia, Salvador, Brasil (1998)

UBA, Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argenitna (10/1999)

LUISS (Guido-Carlo Universitá Roma (2001)

CUNY, City University of New York (1999 , 2003 , 2004)

Universitá Sapienza, Roma, Italy (3 /2004)

Universidade Malaga, ES (10/2002, 6/2013, 12/2014)

UOA, National and Capodistrian University of Athens, Greece (5/2001, 5/2003)

South West Texas State University San Antonio, Texas, USA (2/2003)

University of Dubrovnik, Croatia (112005, 11/2006, 11/2007)

UP, University of Prishtina, Republic of Kosovo (4/2009, 6/2010)

University of Zagreb, Croatia (4/2005)

University of Zadar, Croatia(4/2003)

University of Istanbul, Turkey (3/1995, 12/1998,  5/2008, 9/2009, 7/2010)

University of Sofia, Bulgaria (11/2008)

Diplomatic Academy Vienna: Balkan Studies: Media in the Balkans (since 2011 continuing), Vienna

UCA, Pontificia Universidad Católica Argentina, Buenos Aires (11/2009)

Université de Réunion, Saint Denis, in frame of ERASMUS (5/2011)

Bilgi University, Istanbul, Turkey (12/2008, 10/2009, 5/2011)

St. John’s University Bangkok, Thailand (10/2003)

Chulalongkorn University Bangkok, Thailand (10/2009, 11/2011)

MUST: Mindanao University for Social Science & Technology, Cagayan de Oro, Philippines (4/2011, 11/2011, 11/2017) in connection to Erasmus Mundus Project “Media Literacy and Civil   Society”, “Media Culture management”,

MSU-IIT: Iligan Institute of Technology: “Media Society”, (4 / 2011, 11 / 2017) in connection to ERASMUS plus project

Faculdade Caspar Líbero São Paulo, Brasil (8/2010, 3/2012)

UNIP Universidade Paulista, Sao Paulo, Brasil (2012)

Fudan University, Shanghai, China (11/ 2006, 6/2007, 10/2009, 5/2011)

University of Foreign Studies (Beiwai) Beijing, China

UNESP Universidade Estadual de São Paulo, Baurú, Brasil (2011)

Universidade Federal de Rio de Janeiro, BR (10/2004)

Universitá Santa Croce, Roma, IT (12/2011)

FMK, Faculty of Media and Communication, Singidunum University Belgrade, Republic of Serbia: Media Literacy (2011)

University of Novisad, Republic of Serbia, (11/2012)

AJC Hanoi, Vietnam (12/2013, 1/2014)

Universidad Finis Terrae, Santiago de Chile, CE (5/2012) in connection to Erasmus Mundus Project

Putra Universiti, Kuala Lumpur, MY (11/2011) in connection to Erasmus Mundus Project “Media Literacy and Civil Society”

Universitas Indonesia in connection to ASEA UniNet (7/2012)

Kelantan Malaysia Universiti, Kota Bharu, Malaysia (7/2012)

Academy of Journalism and Communication, HCMA, Hanoi, Vientnam (5/2011, 11/2012, 4/2013, 11/2014)

UMA, University of Malaga / Inter-University Doctoral Programme (1999, 10/2015)

UP, University of Prishtine, Kosovo (2011, 2013)

Kelantan Malay University, Kota Bharu (11/2014)

AJC, Academy of Journalism and Communication, Hanoi, Vietnam (2014, 2015)

Hanoi University of Culture, Hanoi Vietnam: Media Literacy (2014)

Diplomatic Academy Vienna: Balkan Studies: Media Landscapes in the Balkans fall semester 2015/2016

Anadolu University, Eskesehir, Turkey: Communication Competence Training (2015)

KPH Krems: Kunst und Medien – Bildung. Annal lecture program since 2015

Academy of Journalism, Hanoi, Vietnam: Media Literacy (2015)

Academy of Journalism, Hanoi, Vietnam: Media Landscape in Europe (2016)

University of Belgrade: Okto Community TV media model Serbia

University of Sarajevo: Okto Community TV Media model, Bosnia Herzegovina (2017 / 2019)

Islamic University Islamabad, Pakistan (2020)

USTP University of Science and Technology of Southern Philippines, Cagayan de Oro (2021)

Atma Jaya Catholic University of Indonesia, School of Communication, Jakarta (2021)

Visiting Professorships

CUNY, City University New York, USA: International PR, Video- Communication, Media Awareness) (1999, 2003, 2004)

UM, University of Maribor, Slovenia: Journalism Research, Methodology for Social Sciences (2003 – 2011)

PUC, Universidade Pontificía Católica de São Paulo, Brasil: Mediality, Media Culture, Media Literacy, (2003 – continuing by opportunities)

FU, Fudan University Shanghai, China: Media and Communication Management, European Media Landscape (2004, 2008, 2010)

UFS, University of Foreign Studies, Beijing, China: Cultural Language Studies, Media Literacy Studies, Journalism Studies (2008, 2011)

FMK, Singidunum University Belgrade, Republic of Serbia: Media Theory, Media Literacy, New Journalism (2012 continuing:

CHU, Chulalongkorn University Bangkok, Thailand (Doctoral Program: Systems Theory, Epistemology (2010)

AJC, Academy of Journalism and Communication, AJC / HCMA, Hanoi, Vietnam
2012: International Public Relation
2013: Methodology
2013: Media Theory: Cultural Studies
2013: Methods of Social Sciences
2014: Media Literacy
2015: Teachers Training for Middlesex Program: Theoretical Basics and Backgrounds)
2016: Journalism Theory – Middlesex Program
2017: European Media Landscape
2018: The Societal Value of Knowledge and Science

SJU, Saint John’s University New York: Epistemology for Communication Studies (2017)

UMK, Universiti Malaysia Kelantan, Malaysia: Media Society Entrepreneurship (starting 2018)

International Third Mission Projects

2001 – 2004: ECN, European Communication Network: A program for curriculum development in communication and media studies, Middlesex University London, UK, Aarhus University DK, Jagellonen University Warsaw, Vienna University, AT, University of Malaga, ES, University of Siena, IT

2003: Intercultural Degree Program Journalism on Religion (Religionsjournalismus), planned , discussed, but unfortunately never realized with University of Cairo, EGY, Jerusalem, ISR, Buddhist World University Bangkok, THA, Gregoriana Rome, ITA, University of Vienna, AUT

2004 – 2007: TEMPUS – JETIC: Journalism Education and Training for Democratizationg in Croatia, an EU-project in establishing journalism educational structures in Croatia, Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegowina,(completed 2006)

2013: Developing an Erasmus Mundus  Joint Master Course programme “Media Literacy and Civil Society” planned to be started in Oct 2013 (Consortium of 11 universities from four continents). Application sumitted, not successful, continued  and changed to the re-application (Erasmus Plus 2015)  

2010 – 2014: Member and Chair of external expert groups for evaluation in context of accreditation processes at  public and    private university and college institutions in Prishtina, Republic of Kosovo, appointed by the KAA (Kosovo Accreditation Agency, as well as in Slovenia,  University of Lubljana and of Koper, Slovenia)

2001 – 2017:  Acting member of consortia in European programs GRUNDTVIG, LEONARDO,  YOUTH, CREATIVE EUROPE:  Life Long Learning Partnership projects in Media Literacy Development, Educational Media, (Lernpartnerschaft) – Projects: media education programs, educational media – developing  evaluation systems and quality standards in international cooperation over ESEC and/or Department of Communication with IBM Berlin, DE, University of Amsterdam, NL, University of Athens, GR, University of Prague, CZ, University of  Sofia, BG, IRC Lemesos, CY, Empirica Sopron, HU ( in several distinguished programs since 2001 continuing)

2004-2011: Communication Culture and Media Management: A joint curricular program (exchange of students, exchange of teachers) in cooperation with University of Salzburg, AT and School of Journalism at Fudan University Shanghai, CHN (Public Communication)

2009-continuing: Head of  Scientific Board of  Eco-C: European Communication Competence Certificate, a Europe-wide training program for social skills (workers, managers, students) going to Tunisia with a project on “Social Media Driving Licence”), presented to the Ministry of Education and Technology, Tunis (2017)

2012 – 2015: TEMPUS Project : Joint Program “Cross-Media and Journalism Quality” with University of Passau, DE and  Universities from Ukraine, Moldavia, Romania

2012 – continuing: Intensive Seminar “Current Issues in international communication and media studies” for teachers, lecturers and media experts from Vietnam, an annual two-weeks seminar

2014-continuing: “Europe in Transition”, an annual one-month summer term for students from Pen State University, Philadelphia

2016-continuing: Academic Head of Erasmus+ Project MEDLIT “Media Literacy as a Competence Program for Social Change”, cofounded by European Union for MedLit Erasmus Plus Project “Media Literacy and Social Change: starting 2016, Partners: Chulalongkorn Bangkok, SWU Bangkok, Putra Kuala Lumpur, Kelantan Kota Bharu, AJC Hanoi, USSH Ho Chi Minh City, Open University NL, Heerlen, Zeppelin Friedrichshafen.

2002 – 2022: EduMedia, QualiMedia, DigiMedia EUfunded projects (SOCRATES, GRUNDTVIG, LEONARDO, ERASMUS) in the field of adult education, education policies, and media. LITERACY DEVELOPMENT, and media-didactics in cooperation with Institut für Bildung und Medien (IBM) Berlin of the GPI (Johann Comenius – Association for Pedagogics and Information) and other academic partner institutions from Czech Republic,  Croatia, Cyprus, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Nethlerlands, Slovenia

2022-2024: CRAIQ, Coordiniator for the Project “Criteria for Raising Quality for European Educational Media – CRAIQ-Eumedia”

Selected Research Projects

1973: Diözesane Kommunikation.  Eine kritische Analyse der Bistumszeitung für das deutschsprachige Südtirol. (partly published, 1974)

1975 – 1976: Die katholische Rundfunkarbeit in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland. Eine Analyse von KRD und KDF imAuftrag der Deutschen Bischofskonfernz (Coordinator: Prof. Dr. Michael Schmolke) (partly published, 1977)

1977: Medienpädagogik in Österreich. Eine Analyse der Ausbildungsperspektiven im Auftrag der UNESCO (published, 1978)

1978 – 1979:  Cultural Development through Video. A Study on public video practice. On behalf of Council for Communication and Culture of Council of Europe (published 1979)

1980 – 1982: Nonverbale Kommunikation. Grundlagen für unternehmenskulturelles        Handeln. On behalf of Austrian Federal Chamber of Commerce.(partly published in:              Trainerleitfaden für Ausbildungsprogramme der WK 1983)

1983 – 1984: Argumentative Rhetorik. Grundlagen für unternehmerisches Kommunikationsmanagement. On behalf of Austrian Federal Chamber of Commerce. (partly published in: Trainerhandbuch für Ausbildungsprogramme der WK 1984)

1992 – 1996 Conceptual design of  Media Academy of University of Vienna , 1998 partially realized as University TV (UTV) and University Radio (U-TON) 

1995:  Communication Studies in Austria. Report on the educational system in relation to communication sciences. Coworking: Gianluca Wallisch. On behalf of Coimbra Group /             European Commission, Bruxelles

1994 – 1996:  Open Radio. Perspectives for an open Radios in Austria considering specially the models of university radios. Cooperating: Arnold Schnötzinger . By support of Austrian National Bank –  partly published

1994 – 1995: (Communication Space Vienna):  Kommunikationsraum Wien – part 1: Radio, Fernsehen und Neue Informationstechnologien im Kontext lokaler Kommunikationsstrukturen der Stadt Wien (in cooperation with: Arnold Schnötzinger) and Kommunikationsraum Wien -part 2: Die Zukunft der Medien in  Wien (cooperating: Gerit Götzenbrucker , Bernd Löger),on behalf of WIZK (Vienna International Future Conference)(published 1996)

1998: (Environmental Policy) Umweltpolitik in Österreich. Darstellung der umweltpolitischen Aktivitäten der Republik Österreich im Rahmen der EU-          Präsidentschaft  Österreichs. On behalf of Ministry of Environment, Public Health, and Family

1998:  Partner in Project EUROMEDiA – Educational Media in contemporary-historical adult education. Rehabilitatin of history considering the future of Europe. A project in frame of SOCRATES / Andragogy EU (finished 2001). Project coordinator: IB&M Berlin

Partner in EU Project: ECN – European Network for Communication Science in frame of the Thematic Network / Coimbra Group, EU, Project coordination: Mike Dawney,             Middlesex University London

1999: European Journalism. Formation Systems. A Critical Review of the State of the Art Facing the  Future. Comparative Study on behalf of ECN in cooperation with Dr. Erik Bauer and Dr. Sabine Ertl

2000: „Journal Panorama“. Research on public direction of the Radio-program „Journal Panorama“ on behalf of ORF (Austrian Broadcasting Corporation)

2000-2002: Expertise New Religiousness „Neue Religiosität aus     kommunikationswissenschaftlicher Sicht“ im Rahmen des Forschungsprojekts „Megatrend Religion“

2000: Youth Magazines in Austria: Jugendzeitschriften in Österreich . Eine Studie zu Work-X, on behalf of the Austrian Federal Chamber of Commerce, cooperating: Christian Meidl und Daniela Süssenbacher

2000: Evaluation Study oft he Video Conference „Wien London Culture, Entertainment and Cosmopolitanism in the 21st Century European City“ on behalf of Evangelische Akademie Wien. Cooperating: Sabine Ertl und Kai Kugler

1999-2003: Forschungsprojekt „E-learning Systems in Intercultural Environments“ Evaluation des Projektes  – United States of America Joint Consortia for Cooperation in Higher Education and Vocational Education mit Universität Mitglied im Consortium „International Organizational Communication“ with partner Universitá degli Studi di Siena (IT), University of Colorado/ Colorado Springs USA), Southwest Texas State University (USA): USA-UE-Kooperation im Bereich e-learning

2001: Media Monitoring on National Election in Bulgaria on behalf of European Commission / Europäisches Medieninstituts, Düsseldorf – Paris.

2001: EU-Studentvote : Partner im EU-Search Program mit University of Baltimore (IR), Universté de Compeègne (FR), Pilot Study on E-Voting.

2002- 2004: Multi-Cultural Adult Education: Member of the Consortium for EU- Research Programs for Andragogy  together with Universities Hagen (DE), Amsterdam (NL), Athenes (GR), Malaga (ES).

2002 – 2003: Intermedia: Partner of EU- Research Program “Intermedia” with Universities Hagen (DE), Amsterdam(NE), Athen (GR) (Abschluss 2003)

2003 – 2004: Research Seminar on Urban Communication: Stadtkommunikation: Stadtkulturanalyse Wien.  Part 1: Kulturtheoretische Fundierungen der Stadtkommunikationsanalyse, Part 2: Klima-Analyse: Stadtkommunikation Wien.

2003: Environment Online: Research and Realization – Project Establishing an internet-version oft he magazine „Umwelt und Gemeinde“ on behalf oft  Lower Austria Province Academy (Landesakademie).

2002 – 2003: Feasibility Study and Curriculum Study preparing the establishment of the Applied University „Fachhochschule für Journalismus, Content- und Medienmanagement Wien“, together with Matthias Karmasin and Andy Kaltenbrunner Medienberatung.

2004 – 2005: Future Studies: Member of the Consortium for Research and Development: of a European Masters – Degree-Program in Future and Forsight Studies, together with Universities  Middlesex-London (GB), Roskilde (DK), Karstadt (SW) Krakau (PL), Malaga (ES), Firenze (IT), Wien (AT) (report to EU Commission 2005)

2003 – 2005: Digital Interaction Television. Mitglied der Forschungsgruppe DITV Hagen, together with RTL, Bertelsmann Newmedia, SES Astra, Habit , Bosch, Fernuni Hagen (DE), Uni Bielefeld (DE)  und Uni Tampere (FIN).

2002 – 2003: Communicating Sustainability: Research on behalf of the  Lower Austria Province Academy on the possibility and conditions of broadening the understanding of environmental      sustainablity. Together with assistants Ascan Breuer, Jakob Gurschler, Axel Maireder, Christian Meidl

2004: Professional Health Communication: E-Learning im Pharma – Studienbereich.  Feasibility Study zur Entwicklung einer Curriculumentwicklung für die Ausbildung von Pharma-Referenten auf elektronischer Lernplattform

2005: Health Communication: Patient and Pharma Industry. A study on optimaziation of direct communication. On behalf of the patent’s advocacy.

2005: Local Media in the Age of Globalism: Member of the  Consortium (Research)with Istanbul University (TR) and ESJ International, Lille (FR). FP6- Program der EU.

2004: Internet Studies: Feasibility Study zur Entwicklung eines internationalen und interkulturellen Ausbildungsprogramms für Public Relations in Kooperation mit City College of the City University of New York und der Internationalen PR-Agentur Porter Novelli / New York.

2000-2002: Communication Spaces Vienna: Urban Communication Plausibiltätsstudie zum Formenwandel der Gesellschaft und des PID. Social Research on behalf of the Press Office of the City of Vienna

2018-2021: Youth-Media-Life:  Member of the Inter-Faculty  Univie Research Platform “Mediatised Lifeworlds: Young people’s narrative constructions, connections and appropriations”

Media Days:

2008: Istanbul Media Days: Istanbul University, Istanbul

2011:Istanbul Media Days: Bilgi University, Istanbul

2012: Istanbul Media Days; Kadirhas University Istanbul: Public Diplomacy

2012: Prishtina Media Days: Prishtina University, Kosovo: Media Literacy

2013: Hanoi Media Days: Journalism and Media Systems in Transition. Conference in Hanoi / AJC

2015. Hanoi Media Days: Journalism and War. Experiences, Practice and Ideas for Peace”, AJC- Univie Conference in Hanoi

2016: Hanoi Media Days: Get on Board: Structural Changes in Journalism. AJC – Univie Conference in Vienna   

2018. Hanoi Media Days: Understanding European Media Society. An AJC-Univie conference in cooperation with Austrian embassy in VN, connected to the EU-presidency of Austria in 2nd half of 2018.

Experiences in Leadership and Management

Head of Institute of Communication in Graz, AT (1984 – 1992):  Training Programs / Train the Trainer Programs in Media Education, Communication Skills Training, Action research programs in context of media education studies in cooperation with Schools, Universities, public and private institutions or organizations

Head of Institute of Communication at University of Vienna (1995 – 1999): Teaching and Research Management, International Relations / BA, MA, PHD – Study Programs  (journalism, PR communication, advertisement, political communication, media management, marketing, media consulting, media studies), ca 6.000 students, ca. 100 external lecturers, ca. 20 staff persons

Head of International Educational Degree Program TEMPUS (with University of Zagreb, University of Ljubljana (2004 – 2007), together with TEMPUS project with University of Passau (Coordinator), several Universities of Ukraine, Romania and Moldavia: “Cross Media and Journalism Quality” (2012 – 2015)

Head of diverse International Curricula Projects ( Erasmus Mundus, planned for: “Media Literacy and Civil Society”)

Head of University TV and University Radio concept, establishment, execution first as internal program, later in cooperation with private and public broadcasters, now partly in connection with OKTO City of Vienna TV Program (since 1997 – continuing)

Cofounder and Curriculum Program of Institute of Journalism and Media management at University of Applied Sciences, Vienna

Head Publisher of OKTO Community TV Vienna ( since 2005 – continuing)

Editor in Chief of deScripto / international students coop. program (Universities from Balkan countries) producing quarterly a media-critical journal monthly (2007 – 2013)

Managing Media in Practice:

1997: Founder of University TV and University program at University of Vienna, first as an inhouse-report, later in cooperation with public and commercial, private broadcasters, within university structure until 2006, now as well in cooperation with OKTO, in function of head publisher on behalf of the City of Vienna (since 2005 – continuing) 125 communities doing the 7/24 program under the management of 2 CEO’s (organization and program), ca. 30 people staff

2004: Co-Founder  OKTO Community TV Vienna: a program in the interest of media literacy practice,  social inclusion, diversity communication management and media participation practice (2004 – continuing as Head of Board of Publishers)

2006: Co Founder of  deScripto: a quarterly Journal of Media in the Balkans / Southeast Europe,  realized in cooperation with  students from different universities issue by issue, since 2007  in function of editor-in-chief  (2004 – 2013)

Research– and Development Projects

Cultural Theories of Communication and Media (mostly in context to publications)

Future Studies: a curricula development study in cooperation with Middlesex University London, UK,  Aarhus University, DK, Jagellonen University Warsaw, PL, University of Siena, IT, University of Malaga, ES (2003 – 2006)

Organizational Communication: PR Organization within the City of Vienna Administration: (2006 – 2008)

Alternative Media Systems, Communication (several projects 1976, 1998, 2002 – Communication Space Vienna) 
Alternative Media – Development of Community Program (OKTO)

Media Education Systems, Media Literacy Curricula Development ( in context to Media Education publications –  several projects on behalf of Ministry of Education or Province Government of Styria, AT

Environmental Journalism: Intercultural Comparison. A study and research program in cooperation with University of Istanbul, TR and University of Athens, GR (2003)

Environmental / Ecologic Communications: several research projects on behalf of the Province Government of Lower Austria (2003 – 2006)

Urban Communication: research on  organization of public diplomacy and PR strategies of the City of Vienna) (2006  – 2010)

Health Communication: A study on communication culture in hospitals (on behalf of Public Health Care  Institution Lower Austria) (2004 / 2005)

Inter-religious Dialogue in Media (a program in state of planning since 2007 a for cooperation with World Buddhism University Bangkok, TH, Al-Azhar University Cairo, EG, University of Tel Aviv, IL, Universitá Gregoriana Rome, IT, University of Vienna,

Turkish Families in secular Austrian Environment: a Study on problems of integration of and for families in Austria (2006 – 2008/2009)

E-Learning Systems: a study program on comparison of educational effectiveness in context of EU- project LEONARDO 2013 / 2015

Media and Minority (in context to SEEMO publication: media and minorities (in context of SEEMO publication  “Media and Minorities in South East, 2006

Internet culture in school-context:  (a study on behalf of the Ministry of Education and Culture, Vienna, AT – 2007 – 2009)

New Media in School: Research Project on behalf of the Ministry of education, art, and culture / Department of Media Education, 2007 – 2010)          

Part 1:  The Internet in context of creation and dissemination of knowledge: Das Internet im Kontext von Vermittlung, Generierung und Verarbeitung von Wissen in Österreichs Schulen.  

Part 2: School in Internet. School communication culture in the information society:  violence in schools. Schule im Internet. Schulische Kommunikationskulturen in der Informationsgesellschaft.

Intercultural Journalism Europe-Turkey: “Türkei Deutsch”, a study  program on public interests of a German spoken newspaper in Turkey  (2008/2009)

Identity Management in Transcultural Comparison (Vienna/ UAE): a research program in cooperation with Zayed University Dubai (project development 2006/ 2008 – still in state of planning)

Public Diplomacy: a curricula concept for the University of Marbella, ES ( 2013)

Future Studies: a curricula program for  the PHD course at Faculty of Media and Communication at Singidunum University of Belgrade (2013)

Media Culture and Media Mentality: Understanding SouthEastAsia Media Landscape: Delphi Study in  frame of MEDLIT-Project (2015 – 2018) Media Literacy as a Competence Program of Social Change.

Relevant Publications:

Bauer, Thomas A. (1980): Medienpädagogik. Einführung und Grundlegung. 3 Vol., Böhlau Wien.

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Borough of New Manhattan / City of New York Award 1998

Wiener Schmidt Preis 2016 GPI Gesellschaft für Pädagogik und Information / Gesellschaft für Kybernetik und Systemtheorie

Dr. honoris causa 2018 AJC, Academy for Journalism and Communication, Hanoi, Vietnam

Honorary President OKTO Community TV Vienna 2018