ESEC Think & Drink

European Public Media Spaces for Common Good & KUNST:EUROPA

For the upcoming ESEC Think & Drink we are planning two evenings in a row. Come and join us for the following two events:

22.02.2023, 18:30 (Event in Englisch)
European Public Media Spaces for Common Good
Location: gallery twenty-six (Schwertgasse 4, 1010 Wien)
Input: Konrad Mitschka (ORF Public Value Center)
Moderator: Michael-Bernhard Zita (ESEC)

Public media is something very European and, like many areas, has emerged from insights into the darkest hours of Europe. There was a search for common places for a society where everyone should feel represented and also everyone should have a voice and be heard.

Of course, there is and was a big difference between the normative and idealistic idea and the lived practice, however, the main question nowadays is how can such places still have the necessary reach – to create commonality – when society and media landscape are both populistically politicized and institutionally fragmented. The development of our digital lifeworlds will further strengthen this development and in many places, ideas and projects are emerging to realize these new digital places.

We are pleased to have Konrad MitschkaPublic Value Center of the ORF, as an exciting basic input and try to get some more exciting voices and positions for the discussion. Would you like to be one of these voices?

23.02.2023, 18:30 (Event in German)
Location: gallery twenty-six (Schwertgasse 4, 1010 Vienna)
Input: Wolfgang Lamprecht (Kunstforum Wien)
We are happy to announce that further input will come from: Igor Hautzenberger, Robert Sackl-Kahr, Wolfgang Uranitsch and Christian Bazant-Hegemark
Moderator: Thomas A. Bauer (ESEC)

Are there examples of Europe as art, in art, or art in Europe? Examples that give “art” “a European face” or those that convey the conception, life and social model of Europe in such a way that they stimulate thinking about how we could think of Europe?

We have invited Wolfgang Lamprecht as the keynote speaker. He is a publicist and lecturer at the Institute for Journalism and Communication Studies at the University of Vienna and also works as Head of Corporate Communications at the Bank Austria Kunstforum.

Further we are looking forward to input from Igor Hautzenberger (Video- and Film- Dokumentarist) and the the respected visual artists Robert Sackl-Kahr, Wolfgang Uranitsch and Christian Bazant-Hegemark.

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